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Updated: August 6, 2012 Mpix Support Fun Stuff, Gift Ideas, Tips

At Mpix, we really love making people happy. We love hearing your comments when your kiddo’s birthday invitations came back looking better than expected or the large print you ordered for a last minute event arrived in lightning speed and was flawless. So, we were ecstatic to see some of the folks at Better Homes and Gardens like what we do as well. They picked their favorite photo products and gifts on the market, featuring four Mpix items. Check it out!

Growth Chart – Track your little one’s milestones without damaging your walls! Growth Charts go to five feet and offer several different styles to make decorating fun. Here’s what BH&G had to say:

“What took so long for someone to think of this? A wall-cling growth chart from Mpix (mpix.com) doesn’t deface your wall or doorjamb – and remains intact should you move or redecorate (from $40).

Dry Erase Calendar – Make getting organized a family affair with our easy to apply and use Dry Erase Calendar. Your own photos add a little fun to your daily routine and will apply and remove with no damage left behind. BH&G had this to say:

“Every house needs a dry erase calendar, and how cute is this personalized one from Mpix ($30)?”

Accordion Mini – If you want an irresistible photo-sharing product, look no further. Accordion Minis allow you to include up to 12 of your favorite photos, plus this little gem is small enough to be carried anywhere. The fans at BH&G said this:

“If you’re looking for a more portable style, the accordion mini album from Mpix makes the perfect brag book (from $20).”

Keepsake Box – For special occasions, like a wedding or a child’s birthday, check out this truly special memento. Keepsake Boxes are 5×7 and 2” deep, come with a satin finish and a concealed magnet for closure, offering a unique and beautifully-crafted home for family treasures. See what BH&G said:

“In terms of innovative photo products, Mpix can’t be beat. For a splurge, we love this really nice quality keepsake box (from $80).”

We hope you enjoy these products as much as Better Homes and Gardens. If you have yet to try one of them, what are you waiting for? Get over to Mpix and let the creating begin!

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