Camp Mom*Tog with DrewB

Updated: April 22, 2013 Mpix Support Promotions, Tips, What's New

You’ve probably seen special guest posts by DrewB, a wedding and family photographer and creator of Mom*tog, a popular blog for moms who love photography? Not only is DrewB a fantastic photographer and writer, we love the real world advice she gives moms to get the best possible photos when snapping their own. And guess what? DrewB is going to share her expertise in a hands-on workshop called Camp Mom*Tog.

Together with her friend Julie Carson, crafting genius, of Joy’s Hope, DrewB offers a one-of-a-kind intro to photography course combined with photography-related arts and crafts. She vowed to offer a workshop only when she could figure out how to make it uniquely her own, one that was different, fun and inspirational. Luckily for us all, she figured that out and Camp Mom*Tog was born.

There are only a few spots left in this upcoming workshop, which will be held May 18 at her gorgeous studio in the beautiful downtown of Fullerton, California. Check out DrewB’s blog for all the details and to secure your spot!

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