My Little Time Machines – Guest Post from DrewB of Mom*tog

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How many pictures have you taken in the past year? More importantly, how many of those pictures have you actually printed?

In 2013 I took 15,434 pictures of my family. 15,434. Some may call that excessive, but I am a Mom*tog. And I am obsessed with recording the monumental and mundane moments in my family’s life. I know these moments with my children are fleeting and my goal is to freeze time with each image I take.


I know I am not alone. I know that there are many of you out there that feel the same way. But, what are you doing with all of those memories? Are they stuck on a hard drive? Or are you actually printing these photos and transforming them into a physical object that you can touch?

IMG_1366 copy

I want my kids to have the experience of flipping through an album or sitting on the ground going through a shoebox full of their memories. I do not want my kids to lose the images of their childhood as they float around in the cloud or get stashed away on a hard drive. I work hard to document my family’s life and those memories deserve to be printed. They deserve a spot on my walls and on my shelves. You take the time to document those memories. And whether it be a canvas print, album, or loose prints, make sure you take the time to print those memories as well.IMG_1312IMG_1398

To me a print makes a memory tangible. Prints make your memories timeless. Prints aren’t just prints. They are time machines. They can transport you back to an exact second in your life. When you look at a print you can remember the sound of your child’s voice, the way a family member’s hand felt in yours, or even bring you to a time when you weren’t present. I love to walk past my walls covered in my memories. They may not all be perfect, but they are all mine.

DrewB is a wedding and family photographer and owner of DrewB Photography. She also writes a popular blog for moms who love photography called Mom*togFor more photography tips from DrewB, check out Photographing Young ChildrenPhotographing Your Own Baby, and Understanding Cropping.

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