Toddler Tuesday – Valentine’s Edition!

Updated: February 11, 2014 Mpix Support Uncategorized

Here is cutest collection of toddlers that we have ever laid our eyes on. A huge thanks to all Mpixers for submitting photos!

1. A “smooch” from Jeniffer Haas

2. Love in the tub from Claudia Snead

3. A sweet Valentine from Beth Reynolds

4. Pretty in pink from Jolawn Victor

5. Little sweeties in their backyard tent from Margaret Luukkonen

6. A fun (er furry) Valentine from Julie Effron Photo & Video

7. A super Valentine from Nicole Isham Guimont

8. A beautiful and dainty dress from Megan Jacobs (courtesy of Simply Art Photography)

9. Robot Love from Courtney Noah

10. I <3 You from Peggy Zola

11. Fallin’ Hearts from Katie Joe McKenna (courtesy of Nikkala Anne Photography)

12. Can’t beat some sibling love from Sarah Washington (courtesy of Ashley Elaine Photography)

13. Nana spoils this little one rotten from Randi Baker (courtesy of Sullivan Photo)

14. Crazy love from Megan Dwyer Photography

15. One cool Valentine from Shauna McManus

16. Big Love from Brianna Record Photography

17. Cousinly love from Catherin Sparks Oostdyk

18. Little cutie from Jaimi King

19. Love is in the air from Natalie Pohlpatz Photography

20. A precious Valentine from Virginia Simon


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