6 Key Tips for Composing Your Photos

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Photography Tips

Jill Marzion is a family photographer located in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A couple years ago, I decided to purchase a decent camera to photograph my children. I was looking for a fun hobby and it just so happened that I had four adorable subjects (my kiddos!) to practice on. After snapping tons and tons of photos, as well as reading and attending a few photography classes, I was blown away at how my photography improved due to a few simple ideas. You have the ability to create timeless snaps that capture genuine emotion and vivid detail; all it takes is a little help and practice!

My 6 Key Tips for Composing Photos:

Rule of thirds.   When you are framing your shot think of your screen being divided up into nine equal parts by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. If you position your subject near the lines or points of intersection, the image becomes more visually appealing.



Change your viewpoint.  Before you grab your camera and snap away, think of unique ways to change the view. I believe we naturally tend to shoot straight on, but if you get creative and try new viewpoints, you can change the feel of the image drastically. Get high or low, focus on hands or the back of your subject!




Look for frames + lines.  Frames and lines help pull your eye to the subject when used correctly. Using a doorway or a hanging tree branch can help wrap around your subject. Lines often direct your eye’s attention to the subject or focus of the photograph. Fences, paths or patterns on blankets are all great for creating lines.




Keep it simple.  I tend to keep things very simple and clean. My OCD struggles with clutter. Pay attention to your background and take a minute or two to move lights or toys that may distract from the story you are trying to tell.


Tell a story.  Being aware of what you are trying to photograph can greatly improve your images. So completely contradicting what I said in the previous tip, sometimes keeping objects in an image can better tell your story.  A child making a mess with toys, or encounters with the things you use in your daily life captures the true moments!



Make your own rules.  This is probably the most important tip… don’t ever be afraid to break a rule or try something new. It is too easy to get caught up in what you should or shouldn’t do, but what really matters is if you love the image and it makes you happy.  So, don’t hold back and just keeping shooting!


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