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Dari Design Studio

Q: Where is your studio located?

We work from our home studios. Dariela is in San Diego and Dariana in Los Angeles

Q: What is your favorite artistic medium to create in?

Dariela: Pencil and acrylic paint

Dariana: Photoshop!

Q: What rituals or routines get your creative juices flowing?

Dariela: Going outdoors is always a way to get that inspiration going, some fitness activity, believe it or not, exercises the brain too!

Dariana: I like looking for stunning color palettes outside or online. Colors spark everything for me. I also get inspired by trends that resonate with me. Yet the very origin of everything I create comes from my intuition.

Q: When did your passion for design and creation begin to blossom into a lifestyle?

It’s hard to tell. I don’t think there was a specific moment in time. In retrospect, creation and design have always been our lifestyle. We could say that traveling outside of our country made us embrace it more and also made us see more clear how designing is a vital part of who we are, so eventually it just became inevitable to BE designers for life.

Q: What types of trends and styles influenced your holiday designs this year?

We love the not-so-traditional color combinations, this year we used bright red very often combined with browns, blues and sometimes a touch of green. We also love using flowers for the holidays and we are always influenced by them! We couldn’t resist using the blackboard trend in combination with our hand-drawn flowers. Also, a touch of gold is always welcome in our designs.

Q: Do you have advice for an Mpixer that is trying to pair photos with one of your designs?

Yes, when looking to pair your photo with one of our designs first decide which photo will be the main photo and analyze how you want to crop it. Is it horizontal, square or vertical? Then look for your photo’s format (square for example) and try it out.  If you feel the colors don’t match perfectly, you can always consider turning your photo to black and white before you upload it. Black and white photos always bring an air of elegance to the composition.

Q: What’s your favorite way to share your photographs?

Through Instagram!

Q: What attracted you to team up with Mpix?

First off the people. We really liked the first impression with got from Mpix after meeting the team. Once we started talking furthermore about partnering we could tell Mpix is a professional company and we were honored to partner with a high quality brand.

Q: I love my creative life because creating makes us feel alive.


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