Thanksgiving Toddler Tuesday

Updated: November 24, 2015 Mpix Support Fun Stuff

We are getting in the Thanksgiving spirit and sharing what a few of our Mpixers are most thankful for. Thank you to everyone who submitted your photos and be sure to follow along on our Facebook page.

1via Caprice Shular
“I’m thankful for hearing aids that give my daughter full hearing!” via Caprice Shular

via Amanda Chick Deelstra
“She’s my BFF and she loves to steal my lipstick! How could I be more thankful for all my kids, my heart overflows.” via Amanda Chick Deelstra

via Earth Mother Photography
“I’m thankful for my daughter’s many therapists who have gotten her to start talking, who have been doing what they can to help make life a little bit easier for her and us. I’m thankful she’s getting the testing and diagnosis (and possible diagnosis) that she needs to help her get what she needs.” via Earth Mother Photography

via Emily McVay
“I’m thankful for everything!” via Emily McVay

via Erin Massie
“I’m thankful for my healthy kids and the love that they have for each other.” via Erin Massie

via Janelle Kieffer
“Thankful for my husband and children – for their patience with me as I make them dress up for not one, not two, but three family photos so the Christmas card can be “just perfect”… totally worth it!” via Janelle Kieffer

via Jenny LeJeune
“Thankful for my kids! All three of them … And photos of course.” via Jenny LeJeune

via Jessica Nwmn
“I’m thankful that my babies ask for each other as soon as they wake up.” via Jessica Nwmn

via Lisa Fulton Pieren
“I’m thankful that my kids have built-in best friends.” via Lisa Fulton Pieren

via Michelle Glenn
“I’m thankful for my spunky little 3 year old that warms my heart and makes every day beautiful.” via Michelle Glenn

via Noel Pumphrey
“I am thankful that my twins have never listened to me when I’ve asked them to stop growing up.” via Noel Pumphrey

via Rebecca Riemer
“Thankful for simple silly moments with the ones I love.” via Rebecca Riemer

via Seanie Mac Photography
“Thankful my husband is not deployed this holiday season. Our family is all together!” via Seanie Mac Photography

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