How to Create an Awesome Instagram

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Jill Marzion is a family photographer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In a short time, Jill’s little hobby of photography transformed into a full-blown passion for capturing all of the beautiful details of life. Visit Jill’s studio website to see more of her professional work.

Storytelling comes in a variety of formats. From spoken-word and song to cinema and photography, it’s in our DNA to share our experiences with others. For Jill Marzion, Instagram is the perfect platform to share her journey as a mother and photographer. Jill was kind enough to share her favorite Instagram tips with us and join us for an epic Instagram giveaway. See the tips below and follow us on Instagram (@mpixfans) to see more of Jill’s amazing work.


Take Multiple Shots
Don’t snap one and be done. Try new angles and perspectives. Get creative with blur or motion. Once you have several to choose from, you usually end up loving the one you didn’t originally intend to take!


Be Consistent
Look at your feed… take a really close look at your collection of images. Pick out the photos that you love the most and take note of why you love those specific ones. Stay true to what you love and shoot that way continually. Whether it’s bright and colorful or more moody, identify the themes in your feed.


Seek Good Light
Light is the single most important factor in an image. Whichever type of light you prefer, master it! I personally prefer bright light so I try to shoot during daylight hours, although it is much more difficult in the dead of winter in Wisconsin.


Keep Trying New Things
Learn a new way to shoot – that could be a silhouette, food photography or panning. When you experiment, you push yourself creatively and expand your photography skills.


Shoot What Makes You Feel
It is easy to get wrapped up in posting images ‘just to post’ or fitting into what you think will get likes/etc. Stay committed to your vision and keep your feed organic. Shoot what you love and you can’t go wrong.


Find Your Editing Style and Stick With It
It truly doesn’t matter what your editing style is, but stay consistent. When I stumble across a feed that has a very uniform feel, I stick around. That could be moody, bright, shadowy, pops of color and the list goes on. What truly matters is that my eyes linger on the work because it is intriguing.


Tell a Story
Now this I am working on, but people love to learn about others. Don’t hide behind your image.  Share more about the why, what, who and where… this is how genuine friendships can start in the Instagram community.


Go Look Around!
One thing Instagram does not lack is inspiration.  There is an abundance of amazing images out there and if you peek around, you can find some incredible accounts to push yourself to new heights.

For more photography tips from Jill, check out her past blog posts on 5 Things Your Photographer Wants You to KnowCapturing the Everyday and 6 Key Tips for Composing Your Photos. For more of Jill’s gorgeous work, follow her blog and Instagram.

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