Why I Choose Collage Prints

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Drew is a family photographer and owner of DrewB Photography. In addition to her blog, Mom*tog, Drew has also written a photography guide UnManual2. To see more of Drew’s work, follow @momtog and @drewbphoto on Instagram.


I have a problem. I have too many pictures and not nearly enough wall space. If my husband would let me I’d wallpaper my house in photos of my kids and family. But, as much as he loves me he’s not going to let that happen. He does, however, fully support my addiction to gallery walls. I love gallery walls. When we moved into our home I knew I wanted a huge gallery wall right when you walk in the front door. Three years later and it was time to make it even bigger! As I sat down to choose images I just had too many favorites. And that’s when I remembered Mpix’s Collage Prints. The Collage Prints are a great way to display multiple images within one print. It’s a perfect solution if you are a Mom*tog like me and have too many pictures you want to display.

We do a lot of traveling so I chose two collages to display images from a couple of our recent trips to New York City and San Juan Island. The majority of the frames in my gallery wall are thrifted and then spray painted. Because I saved so much money thrifting frames, I could invest in getting the prints I ordered framed by Mpix. The quality is fantastic.


The other print I ordered of our trip from San Juan Island was ordered as a Gallery Wrap. I love that they have the option to order their Collage Prints as Gallery Wraps. Because everything is better as a Gallery Wrap!


The last collage I ordered was actually two pictures I had displayed on my old wall in two separate 5×7 frames. I just love the way it looks as a Collage Print. Kennedy in the oven and out of the oven. The Side by Side Collage Print actually offers text under the images. I, however, didn’t really want it for this print. No problem. It can be ordered without the text! Love that. I opted to have this print framed by Mpix as well. It’s so great to be able to unpackage it from the box and hang it right away. No work necessary!


I chose Collage Prints with really clean designs for downstairs because I love clean lines and symmetry.

Upstairs in Kennedy’s room is another area where we have a gallery wall. Because it’s right above her bed and we live in earthquake country I like to stay away from hanging anything that’s too heavy or with glass. I opted to order a couple of Mpix’s more fun and whimsical designs for her room and really they are so cute that a frame isn’t necessary. The collages are very easy to order. Just upload your pictures and then drag and drop them into the collage. No Photoshop necessary. And I love that you can even upload from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.


For this Collage Print I used the Frame Set Vertical. Living 15 minutes away from Disneyland we are there a lot and I have a lot of great pictures of Kennedy throughout the years. I thought it would be fun to have multiple pictures of her at Disneyland throughout the years. Unfortunately, I lost a few of my very favorite pictures of her at Disneyland when one of my hard drives crashed a couple of years ago. Thankfully, they are on Instagram so I was able to upload them into this Collage Print!


The other print is dance themed. Dance is a huge part of Kennedy’s life and I knew I wanted to add a few pictures to her wall, but there just wasn’t enough space. Problem solved with the Dearest Heart Square Collage Print. She literally squealed out loud when she saw this print.



When creating Collage Prints start a folder with the images you may want to incorporate. Then play around with it. Move pictures around in a print and see which images work best. I know designing gallery walls can be a bit overwhelming, but to me it’s like putting a puzzle together. Try to incorporate things and pictures that inspire you and have an important significance to you and your family and you can’t go wrong. You just have to start somewhere. And with their fun and classic collage design options, Mpix is a great place to start your own gallery wall!

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    Thanks for sharing this. I love MPIX. have used them for family photos, wedding , and senior pictures. Now that I have a new granddaughter I was trying to figure out how to get all of the wonderful pictures without missing one. I think your ideas are wonderful.

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