DIY: Garland Scrap Wood Photo Display

Updated: December 1, 2016 Mpix Support Fun Stuff, Home Decor


  • Drill
  • Scissors


  • Fresh greenery garland, or a faux garland of any sort
  • Twine or string
  • Piece of scrap wood, size depending upon length of garland and height of prints
  • Thumbtacks, or glue dots
  • Small Prints

Choose a scrap piece of wood wide enough to accommodate your garland, allowing for the garland to hang down the sides of the wood, and tall enough to fit your PrintsOn the top left and right corners of your scrap wood, roughly measure half an inch down from the top and in from the side; make a mark.

Using your drill, drill holes completely through the piece of wood

Take your roll of twine or string; thread the end through one of the corner holes and tie securely

Decide how low you would like your display to hang; cut the string accordingly

Loop the loose end through the opposite corner hole; tie securely

Place your prints on the wood in their desired location; press a thumbtack into each corner of your prints, securing them to the board

Hang your display on a wall using a small nail or hook of your choosing

Gently lift the board away from the wall and drape the garland along the top of the board, between the string and the wall.

Wrap parts of the garland around the strings and draping over the front of the wood, framing your portraits; the draping forward will secure the garland to the display

Let the wood and garland rest against the wall, continue styling until you are happy with the finished product!


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