Guest Post: You’ve Got Your Pictures. Now What?

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Becky Higgins is the creator of the Project Life® memory-keeping system which enables people to bring their photos and memories together without cutting or gluing a thing. She shares a healthy blend of inspiring lifestyle tips on social media — everything from taking better photos to random but fantastic product finds to favorite memory-keeping tips. Follow along for inspiration: Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

You know what can feel completely overwhelming? Scrapbooking. Yeah, I know. I get it. Wait — don’t leave me yet. I’m fully aware that a lot of people have this idea in their minds of what “scrapbooking” means. It’s messy, complicated, and incredibly time-consuming, right? The thing is… it really used to be all of those things! Here’s the good news: Scrapbooking has evolved. Gone are the days that you need to dedicate a whole room in your house to preserving memories. I promise!

You’re likely reading this blog because you care about your memories. You’re printing your pictures. And that’s awesome! I’m here to tell you that bringing those pictures and stories together is incredibly do-able and easier than ever. You only need a few things, including a solid game plan and a clear vision for what you’re doing. Here are 4 easy steps to creating a scrapbook in the easiest format ever!

Step 1: Choose a topic you’re excited about.

Notice I didn’t suggest that you start with your most recent pictures or go back and start with your childhood pictures. Simply choose ONE theme or topic or period of time or trip or whatever. Focus only on that one topic and put the blinders on for everything else. If you think about ALL the memories you want to preserve, you will be right back to feeling overwhelmed, which will likely result in you eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and saying, “Oh, forget it. Forget ALL of it!”

Step 2: Begin with the end in mind.

Once you’ve figured WHAT you want to create a scrapbook about, there is something else to think through before you just start printing pictures and buying supplies. Ask yourself: What’s the end result I’m going for here? Do I want a large 12×12 album for my coffee table? Do I want a little 6×8 album? Is this for me? Is this a gift for someone else? Envisioning that end result will be your grounding force to help you in making other decisions.

Step 3: Gather photos and supplies.

You’ve chosen your topic. You know your size. It’s time to gather your photos and supplies into one place so you can get into an efficient workflow! As for photos… my best recommendation is to keep it simple and stick with all 4×6 standard-sized prints. You already know that Mpix is an excellent source for quality prints. As for quantity, that completely depends on what size album you’re doing and how many pages you want to fit in an album. If you have questions about this, my team is totally here to help and we love answering your questions.

All you need to complete an entire 12×12 album with ProjectLife is:

Step 4: Make that scrapbook!

Don’t freak out on me yet. Hang on. When I say “make a scrapbook,” we are NOT talking about cutting your photos into funky shapes or using patterned-edged scissors. I’m talking about no tools. No techniques. In fact, creativity is not even required if you can believe that! How?? Because the whole premise of Project Life is to slip EVERYthing (photos + pre-designed journaling cards) into pockets. That’s it! That’s all! Need a visual? Check out this video for a quick summary of how it works.

I promise the IDEA of getting started is way more daunting than actually diving in. Just like stepping on the treadmill for the first time in months or opening the doors to that closet that is overflowing, you just need to take that first step to realize you CAN do this. And PS — Scrapbooking is way more fun than exercise or cleaning. So there’s that.

For more tips on memory keeping, visit Becky’s Blog and sign up for their newsletter.

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    your website USED to be pretty simple to upload and print, with excellent results, after not using it for a while it seems to have changed. hard to download pictures, and of course the price increase. I probably will find another service to use. thanks for the good service and quality, choice of the past.

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