Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Updated: November 13, 2017 Mpix Support Guest Post, Home Decor, Photos

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Have you been envisioning a large gallery wall to fill that blank wall in your home, but just don’t know where to start? Today, I hope I can give you some tips to plan out your ideal gallery wall and give you the boost to make it happen. And I promise, it’s going to completely transform your space. No wall ever looked so good as one decorated with photos!

The first step to putting your gallery wall together is to begin by assessing your space. How big is the wall you have in mind? The size of the wall will ultimately determine the size of the frames. You want them to complement one another for a flawless look. In my home, my wall is large, and I knew I wanted an almost floor-to-ceiling look. I didn’t want the entire wall covered in photos, but I wanted at least half of it dedicated to my gallery wall. A little calculating later, and I determined that three rows and four columns using 16×20 frames would make for the perfect layout.

Next, I wanted to make sure the photos themselves were the main feature, not the frames. So I scoured the internet for frames that had a thin, metal edge, but also offered a matte option. When hanging a lot of photos close together in rows and columns, it’s important to create some visual space, and that’s exactly what a matted photo frame gives you. Once I found my matted frames in the size I needed, I started the process of picking my photos.

When selecting photos for a large gallery wall, I highly recommend using photos that have been professionally taken so that you have high-resolution in the final product. You don’t want large and blurry photos. The photos I selected were printed as 11×14 prints. We combined some older photos with our most recent family photos. And because we have used the same photographer over the last two years, all of our photos have a very similar aesthetic. That makes choosing photos so very easy. If you’re not sure that the color quality of your photo selections is similar enough, I suggest opting for black and white prints. That’s always a guaranteed classic look, and you can’t go wrong with it!

Printing the photos is next up on the to-dos. I’ve always used Mpix to print my photos; the quality is exceptional and I am always extremely pleased with how they look. From the color to the photo paper, I’ve always ended up with bright, crisp photos ready for hanging.

A C H I E V I N G    T H I S    L O O K    I N    Y O U R    H O M E

  • Frames
    • Frame size = 16.299″L x 20.354″W x .787″D
    • Matted (in white) for an 11×14 photo
    • Thin silver, metal frame (Mpix also offers a version called “Silver Metal”)
  • Photos
    • 11×14
    • Professionally taken and professionally printed by Mpix
  • Hanging
    • The photos are spaced 1.5″ apart on all sides
    • I started hanging from the ceiling down, but spaced it all out before putting nails in the wall to make sure I had enough room.

I hope this provided you some insight for beginning the planning process for your very own gallery wall!

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